Biologique Recherche Treatments

The only Biologique Recherche expert treatment center in the state of Nevada, we are proud to introduce Biologique Recherche treatments in the Las Vegas area.

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Micro-Puncture Lab©

75 minutes $325
series of 3 $775

This intensive treatment activates collagen production using superficial micro-stimulations that penetrate the epidermis. These stimulations help the skin regenerate itself by causing perforations to the skin using micro-needles. Our highly active serums penetrate optimally with the use of our Micro-Puncture Lab. Results are visible from the first session. This treatment is ideal in fighting premature signs of skin aging, smoothing and plumping the epidermis while moisturizing and improving skin elasticity. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced over time with treatments.



Biologique Recherce Body Treatments

hand treatment $85
back treatment $200

Similar to a facial, we will cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize the skin. A massage with finishing products and serums will help lock in moisture and protect your skin against the sun and harsh environmental conditions.


B.R. Facial with Remodeling Face Machine

90 minutes $385

An iconic Biologique Recherche treatment, our signature bespoke facial includes the use of our Remodeling Face Machine. State-of-the-art electric currents (galvanic, medium and high-frequency) sculpt and tone facial muscles for a tighter complexion. For acne-prone skin, your esthetician will tailor your treatment to purify and calm your skin while also achieving a lift. Results are best achieved with multiple sessions and consistent at-home care.

B.R. Signature Bespoke Facial

75 minutes $275
90 minutes $325
120 minutes $450 (with advanced technology)

Our signature bespoke Biologique Recherche facial cleanses and exfoliates the skin before being treated with highly active technical products. These products, called boosters, are combined with manual lifting techniques to obtain instantaneous results. A masque will then be applied to help balance and purify the epidermis.  A cocktail of active quintessential serums will target specific imbalances and restore nutrients into the skin before concluding your facial with a unique selection of creams and finishing serums.


120 minute treatments will include two boosters and/or technology such as LED light therapy, high frequency, cryotherapy, oxygen, microdermabrasion, and more! Your esthetician will analyze your skin and determine what products and machines are right for you at the time of your treatment.