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The Lab x Biologique Recherche

Founded in Paris in 1978 by biologist Yvan Allouche and his wife Josette, a physiotherapist, Biologique Recherche leads the luxury skincare industry with its safe and effective formulations, highly concentrated ingredients, and undeniable results. 


The Lab Las Vegas is proud to partner with Biologique Recherche in becoming the first skincare studio in Nevada to offer the world’s finest luxury skincare treatments and products. A pioneer of advanced skincare for over 4 decades, Biologique Recherche continues to break ground with their highly personalized treatment methodology, clinical approach to skincare and cold-pressed active ingredients.

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Biologique Recherche prides themselves in ensuring they meet specific criteria for their formulations:


-Biomarine, biotechnological and plant extracts are maintained at above 20% concentration in most products. Cold-processing in most formulas allows for active ingredients to retain as much of their original structure as possible.


-The use of all synthetic fragrances are avoided to preserve the integrity of the formulas and minimize risk of adverse reactions and sensitivity.


-By enhancing the synergy between products, treatment techniques and technology such as the Remodeling Face machine, Biologique Recherche maintains a model for an exceptional treatment with instantaneous results.

Soin Lissant


Biologique Recherche treatments are based on a hyper-personalized approach customized for each individual. Their 3-step methodology includes the following stages:


     1. The Assessment Stage. Prior to treatment, your skincare expert will combine technology such as the Skin Instant Lab system or the Visiolab with a visual and tactile diagnosis. The combination allow for a comprehensive analysis that prepares your practitioner to personalize your treatment plan accordingly.

     2. The Initialization Stage. Your treatment protocol begins with

the Initialization State. This personalized preparation of your epidermis cleanses and protects your skin from harsh aggressions of the external world. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed, massaged, and exfoliated with P50 followed by a face mask.


    3. The Treatment Stage. Following the Initialization Stage, your skin will be treated with the highest concentration of active ingredients. Products applied will help your skin enhance its ability to self-regenerate. Complexion becomes balanced, hydrated, and more radiant.


Facial Tools & Technology

Cryo-Sticks: Made from surgical stainless steel, cryo-sticks are often used

during treatment to help bring down redness and the skin’s temperature,

thus reducing blood vessel dilation (vasodilation).


Massage Gloves: Biologique Recherche gloves softly massage the skin

while assisting product penetration and microcirculation. Can be used on

the face, body or scalp.


Skin Instant Lab: 5 scientific measurement probes connect to a specialized diagnostic and analysis software.

Objective measurements of your skin help your practitioner understand your epidermal levels of hydration,

water loss, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum secretion. This database allows your practitioner to perfect and

customize your treatment plan accordingly.


VisioLab: This tool complements the Skin Instant Lab by photographing the face and analyzing its components. Results will be calculated immediately to be interpreted by the skincare expert.


Remodeling Face Machine (RFM): A high-tech bioelectric treatment that combines galvanic, medium and high-frequency currents. Immediate as well as long-lasting results are achieved. Electroporation is used to make the surface of the epidermis more permeable, thus allowing active ingredients in products to penetrate more effectively.


Micro-Puncture Lab: Intra-epidermal microstimulation helps fight premature signs of skin ageing with this treatment. Collagen production is stimulated and activated.

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