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Valmont Facial Treatments

Valmont Facial Treatments are available at The Lab. For more than 30 years Valmont has pioneered Swiss anti-aging skincare. Valmont facial treatments strengthen and stimulate cells suffering from the effects of outside aggressions and time, revealing youthful skin. We are proud to bring these products and treatment techniques to our Las Vegas studio.


Purification Ritual: Purity of the Alps

45 minutes $155

Purity of the Alps is our express Valmont facial treatment for those who need a quick and effective pick-me-up. A true revival for the face, skin is left clean, purified and balanced. This treatment cleanses without stripping the skin, leaving the epidermis hydrated, plump and soft. 

With no fewer than 12 steps, this expert treatment gently cleans the skin and comfortably frees from impurities. Subtle yet technical gestures are highlighted with the effectiveness of Valmont products. 

Suitable for all skin types - recommended for those with flawed texture and an uneven complexion. 

90 minutes $400

A vital treatment for stressed, lifeless skin, this energetic facial treatment regenerates and firms the skin. Vitality of the Glaciers offers an iconic treatment that has been with Valmont since1985. The skin's cells are renewed and stimulated, resulting in a radiant and plump glow. 

Your treatment begins with a careful cleansing with exclusive Valmont gestures. Your esthetician uses a butterfly motion to rid the skin of makeup and impurities. A deep and gentle exfoliation follows, removing dead cells that dull the complexion. The treatment continues with facial modeling using Prime Renewing Pack. Alternating smoothing, effleurage and acupressure techniques enhance the effectiveness of the product's ingredients. This massage erases fatigue and leaves the skin looking well rested. Regenerating Mask Treatment then demonstrates Valmont's technical supremacy. This 99.9% pure native collagen mask plumps the tissues and redefines face contours - a biological facelift! Finally, products from the Prime Generation line fill the skin with anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients. 

Suitable for all skin types - recommended for city dwellers and casino-goers. 


Energy Ritual: Vitality of the Glaciers


Eye Treatment

45 minutes $125

A comprehensive and targeted treatment to eliminate wrinkles, bags, dark circles and puffiness. The youth and radiance of the eyes is restored. The area is cleansed and followed by a highly effective lymphatic drainage to fight against bags and dark circles. Then, a lifting massage attacks wrinkles and crow's feet, stimulating collagen synthesis to visibly rejuvenate the eyes. To offer an even more comprehensive approach, this treatment includes a precise series of 14 reflexology points around the eyes to erase dark circles and bags. Lastly, before protective care, a collagen mask specifically designed for eye contours provides a beauty boost while relaxing the fragile skin. 

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