The Lab Custom Facial Treatments

Facial treatments at The Lab are specifically curated and tailored to your skin. Because your skin is constantly changing, we believe in customizing treatments based on your needs at the time of your facial. Thus, no two facials are identical as your skin will need different treatments on any given day. We treasure timeless techniques and combine them with modern technology to balance, correct, and prevent temporary and long-term skin concerns. 


Included in your treatment is a complete cleanse, exfoliation, optional extractions, massage to promote lifting and circulation, custom masks, custom serums and/or lotions, and SPF. 


Finally, you will receive a complimentary consultation addressing an appropriate at-home skin care regimen.


The Lab's Signature Custom Facial 

75 minutes $215
90 minutes $250

During your custom facial we’ll discuss your concerns while analyzing your skin. Your esthetician will make sure to incorporate a variety of massage techniques and advanced technologies best suited to your needs. Some technologies may include microcurrent, wet/dry diamond microdermabrasion, oxygen, ultrasound and/or radiofrequency.


Ten of Hearts Facial

90 minutes $275

You'll have to ask Alexandra why this is her favorite playing card. For now, we'll tell you why it's her favorite treatment:  An impressive combination of wet diamond microdermabrasion, microcurrent and oxygen therapy boast immediate results that help refine, tone and lift your skin. Nutrients are replenished  and skin is cooled by a cold seaweed mask enhanced with cryotherapy. 

Each treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production for an instant lift with long-term benefits. Get ready for a more even complexion that leaves you glowing and looking more youthful. 


DiamondGlow Facial

70 minutes $220

This powerful treatment simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses the skin with nourishing serums for results that last. Your skin will feel and look luminous, nourished and renewed. Skin is volumized by 70% up to 72 hours post treatment. No downtime, non-invasive, and fully customized to treat a variety of skin conditions.


Advanced Massage Facial with Sculptural Face Lifting

90 minutes / $350
Series of 8 $2400 


Our signature facial with a focus on advanced massage techniques meant to lift and sculpt the face. With these techniques, we are able to release facial muscle tension while promoting blood circulation and sculpting deeply targeted facial muscles. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated and facial muscles are lifted on a deeper level. Puffiness is decreased with the manipulation and promotion of lymphatic circulation. Includes intraoral (buccal) facial massage.



The Ionixlight Oxylight Facial

120 minutes $650

A client and celebrity favorite, the IonixLight facial is a highly sought after treatment unique to the Vegas area. This elite facial helps lift & rejuvenate your skin Included in this facial is Diamond Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Therapy, Myolight Microcurrent and Radiofrequency, and a full-spectrum LED light with Negative Ion Therapy. This facial is sure to target all the signs of aging without recovery time or discomfort. Muscle tone will improve, collagen production will be stimulated, while redness and puffiness is reduced. Skin is brighter and smoother the first treatment while continuous treatment is recommended for preventative, long-term results. 


Teen Facial

60 minutes $175

Designed especially for hormonal, oily and/or acne-prone skin.  After thoroughly assessing your needs, your esthetician will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin followed by gentle extractions and customized masks. We will use medical grade cryotherapy to reduce inflammation and redness along with tailored massage techniques that reduce excess sebum production. Your skin will feel clean, calm and bright. 

Don't wish for good skin, work for it

Alexandra Sherman, Founder of The Lab