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Gentleman's Facial Treatments

Our gentleman's facial treatments at The Lab are tailored specifically to men. While any of our other facials would work for you, our gentleman's facials will use custom products that cleanse, exfoliate and penetrate your thicker skin. We will make sure to avoid products with any perfumes or that may react negatively with your facial hair and potential razor burn.


As with all of our treatments, we believe in customizing your facials based on your needs at the time of your service. We will use timeless techniques and combine them with modern technology to balance, correct, and prevent your temporary and long-term skin concerns. 


All men's facials include an optional beard treatment: 

- A complimentary high-frequency treatment (an electrical current-emitting comb) will stimulate beard growth

- A Mild chemical exfoliant will be applied to help prevent ingrown hairs 

-Your choice between beard oil or beard cream to sooth itching underneath your beard while encouraging healthy hair growth

The 'It Gets the Job Done' Facial 

75 minutes / $225

Like the name says, this facial just gets the job done. We'll start by working on breaking down build-up around the oiliest parts of your face. Then we'll cleanse and exfoliate your skin followed by adding some light products to help you stay fresh and moisturized. No fragrances or added scents here! Beard treatment optional. 


'Always in The Lab' Facial

75 minutes $265

Inspired by the guy thats always in the Lab working. The traveler. The poker player. The business man. Sound familiar? This is for you. 

Everything in the 'it Gets the Job Done' facial except more relaxing, 

really refreshing, and with a few more steps. This is your reminder that it's ok to take a break sometimes! 

This facial is especially good for smokers, casino-goers, men with dull skin that need oxygenation and men who are just overall stressed out. 



The Final Table Facial

90 minutes / $425

50% off if you just made a Final Table

For the poker player who just made a final table... or the guy that just wants to look amazing in 90 minutes. 

This facial will use state-of-the art  technology to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, tone your facial muscles and will leave you feeling amazing and relaxed. It's completely customized to your skin and perfect before a special event, a big meeting, or just because you want to look your best. 

Don't wish for good skin, work for it

Alexandra Sherman, Founder of The Lab

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