Product Lines

The Lab carries luxury skincare products that have been uniquely selected. Each line has been chosen based on its ability to perform, protect and provide effective results. Products include skincare, sun care and skincare technology. 


Biologique Recherche

The Lab is proud to offer a wide range of Biologique Recherche products and services in Las Vegas, NV. To learn more, click here.



Founded in Switzerland, Maison Valmont is a skincare line that provides immediate, long-lasting results. The exceptional quality of Valmont products combine alpine ingredients with advanced scientific research.



Enivron is a globally recognized skin care brand built on science, beauty and care. They are pioneers in introducing vitamin A into skin care formulations and believe it is the key ingredient to the longevity of healthy and beautiful skin.



Colorescience is an innovative skincare company that uses 100% natural minerals, antioxidants and botanicals to create physical sun protection. Clinically tested ingredients make sure that skin remains healthy and protected without the use of harsh chemicals.


Soleil Toujours

Soleil Toujours uses clean formulas and natural ingredients to dominate the sun care industry with a magnificent range in sun screen products. 


Skin Technology

The Lab carries skincare technology lines such as NuFace and Lightstim to further enhance the results of your treatment.