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Skincare Treatments

Our bespoke facials provide a luxurious skincare experience unique to the Las Vegas area. Completely custom facials combine products at the forefront of skincare excellence, cutting-edge technology, and timeless massage techniques to create a facial experience unlike any other. 

Scalp Micropigmentation

The Lab offers a unique solution to those with thinning or balding hair. Our practitioners offer a customized, non-surgical approach to replicate hair follicles by using micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result is a realistic illusion of hair that can treat balding, create hairlines, conceal scars, and add density where hair is thinning. 

Permanent Makeup

We currently offer lip blush as a permanent makeup treatment. Our artists are trained and certified by industry leaders to understand proper lip color theory and the development of symmetry. Pale or blue lips become lively with a customized color and tone best suited for you. Women with hyper-pigmentation, darker or ashy lips benefit from having treatment that neutralizes and evens lip tone. Results lead to more defined lips with a natural tint of color. 

Facial Sculpting and Lifting Massage

Clients can take their facial to the next level with a treatment focused primarily on facial sculpting and lifting using advanced massage techniques. With training by industry leaders from Russia and Israel, our estheticians are experts in sculpting and lifting individual facial muscles from a deeper level. Face immediately feels tighter, lifted and more toned. With several treatments individuals can see drastic results in the improvement of their appearance. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated while an integrated lymphatic drainage approach helps de-puff the face. Facial muscles are not only sculpted externally, but also internally using intra-oral sculpting techniques. 

Skincare Treatments


We pride ourselves in offering a luxurious, high-tech and uniquely custom approach to facial treatments.  Your skin changes regularly which is why we believe that labeling your “skin type” and treating it accordingly is a common mistake. We prefer to use Biologique Recherche’s ideology that respects your “Skin Instant,” or what your skin’s needs are at the time of your treatment. 

Each facial at our studio is hyper-customized and tailored to your individual needs. We don’t believe in trends, rather, we take pride in using the best skincare products in conjunction with timeless massage techniques and modern cutting-edge technology. We stress the importance of consistency in an at-home skincare regimen while educating our clients and promoting adequate sun care. Results are healing, preventative and long-lasting.


Choosing the appropriate facial treatment or skincare products can be intimidating. Since all of our bespoke facials are custom to your individual needs, a consultation will be included with each treatment. Your consultation with your esthetician will educate you on not only the treatment being performed, but the best products to suit your needs. Healthy skin requires consistency and by teaching you what works best for your Skin Instant, together we can help repair, build and protect your complexion.

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